Carols Daughter Sacred Tiare Combing Creme- Did it work?

You get the product and your so excited to use it and you just feel that its going to do so much good things for your hair, your curls are gonna POP and your just excited.  You use the product and your left disappointed that you got your hopes so high and it wasn't all you wanted it to be, 

Sadly that how I felt with this product, let me say that in some ways I do feel that this product works, it does help  when you comb or brush through, it does help with the frizz YET, i felt that it soaked up the moisture that other styling products i use put into my hair.  Thus leaving my hair looking " moisturized: yet feeling dry and not good. 

I love a concept of a "combing creme" I mean a product that can help you comb through curls and also provide extra moisture to the curls is a great thing, I almost feel there is some alcohol somewhere is this product, I used it several times mind you and each time, my hair just felt more dry, AFTER i put in my super moisturizing leave in and styling product. 

Now , this is MY thoughts, some other may have others thoughts when it comes to this product and it can most surely work for many others. I think I  will stop using this product for the fact that I just dont like the feeling of my hair when I use it. 

It retails for $10.00 and can be bought at your local target store.

What do you beauties think? 

The following product was sent to Sheblogsinc for free in exchange for a posting to read more about our press samples feel free to read here for more info. 

Molton Brown Vintage 2015 - New Years Luxury

Since it the holidays, its time for last minute shopping for family and friends, yet dont forget about yourself as well.  What about New Years Eve? We all want to look and smell our best when we bring in the new year. Molton Brown London is here just to help you do that exact thing, 

Molton Brown reached out to me to see if I wanted to try and possibly feature Molton Brown London Vintage 2015  Elderflower Boyd Lotion. How can I say no? Its comes in champagne inspired packaging, with the scent of sparkling grapefruit and English elderflower. 

Its a limited edition  body lotion and also comes in a shower gel as well.  It can be purchased at or and Saks Fifth Ave , it retails for $44.00 and yes its pricey my beauties but I assure you when you glide this across your skin, you feel you have just been covered in luxury. 

It absorbs well and the scent is noticeable yet not too strong where I dont think it will counteract with your  daily perfume,  The past couple of days I have just been wearing the lotion alone to let the scent shine through.  Your skin will stay moisturized all day and you will have a subtle scent on you all day. 

Tell me what you think beauties, and bring in the New Year smelling completely amazing! 

The following product was sent to Sheblogsinc for free in exchange for a posting to read more about our press samples feel free to read here for more info. 

#BloggerSeries Squarespace now offers a logo maker

#BloggerSeries is a series of tips, tricks and news when it comes to blogging also a popular hashtag.  I am no means a expert but I know I read and searched over hundreds of blogs ( i still do) on advice and tips on blogging It this helps one person well then I did my job!


Did you know that Squarespace now has this cool thing that lets you make a free simple logo?!! Yes I know, Squarespace continues to just wow our pink and purple socks off.  I .JUST .CANT

FYI the above logo was made with the logo maker.

I discovered this gem when last week I was looking at redoing my logo and the whole website. I was In squarespace just looking around and came across the logo feature I clicked on and magic appeared.  You just type in your name and then click on a simple symbol or no symbol if you choose but symbols are gangster so why not?

Now dont get me wrong, you cant make a super elaborate logo with all the bells and whistles, its just a simple logo  with your name and a symbol nothing special, yet for those of us who like simple this works out perfectly.  I dont need fancy. Be mindful it is $10 bucks a logo BUT if your a squarespace user then its..... FREE.. Thanks to the blogger gods. 


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Nice array of fonts to use
  • You can search for symbols
  • Free to squarespace users 
  • Make as many as you wish
  • Email a copy of logo and you can download 3 different versions
  • You can change position, color and size. 


  • Very limited 
  • Generic
  • Limited in fonts
  • Limited in symbols
  • $10.00 fee for non square space users

All in all its great for those bloggers who are starting out and those who need a quick, easy and nice looking logo.  Yet if you want something more, hit up a graphic designer or go somewhere else. 

EX1 Cosmetics ( Foundation & Powder)

It was a random day when I went on youtube looking for recommendations on a new foundation for people with mixed / biracial skin.  I came across a brand called EX1 Cosmetics , a company based over in Europe founded by a woman who desired to have a makeup that matched her skin.

The base of this makeup is suit people of Indian, pacific Asian and deep skin tones.  If your my skin tone more so my shade , i dont have a terrible time finding foundations, as I can go with pink or yellow undertones yet we struggle to find that middle . 

Its mainly available on and it retails in American for about $19.50 including free delivery. YET they are always offering discounts and when you sign up with them they are always sending you coupons for like 10% ,15% or 20% percent off, so you basically dont ever pay full price if you do it right. 

It does ship from over seas but it takes about 2 weeks not bad. 

Anyway I go the shade in F200 which is the second shade. They have about 5 available.  In the powder I got P100 which is the lightest shade , the powder comes in 3 shades and retails for $14.00 

Let me say I was slightly worried about the shade choice but it actually matched well and I have to say I was impressed. Did I mention it comes with a pump? score!  It gave me a flawless look and held up to my oily areas, it didn't last on my nose long as I somehow tend to wipe my nose several times a day ( annoying). I wore this makeup when hubs and I wen to the D.C zoo in the summer and it held up so well and so flawless!

I am a fan of the powder and I actually just got my second compact in the mail recently. I really love how t sets my face and looks flawless.  I am a big fan of the foundation too. , I highly suggest! 


What do you beauties think?

Marie Ernst Kickstarter cam

I love a good soap bar, and I even sometimes  feel that a good soap bar will last you longer than a bottle of body wash. I also love  a good natural soap bar, one that really does its job is what makes this girl happy. 

When Marie Ernst reached out to me and told the story of the new brand and the quality and care that goes into each bar, not only did I really want to help them out by spreading the word but I had to try them for myself.

I think its pretty neat how the bars come separate yet  easily click together to create on bar of soap. One side is a pumice soap side and the other half is the conditioning soapy side.  These are also interchangeable, how coll is that!! They smell amazing and I LOVE the rich lather that it produces , my skin is left with a nice clean scent and never feels dry.

Now until OCT 10th they are having a kickstarter campaign to raise funds to launch this great new product. Feel free to donate to preorder your set of Marie Ernst beauty bars, its about $25 for 2 bars.  

Feel free to reach out and support small business and this great beauty soap bar! 

What do you think Beauties?