Anti- Social Media a GOOD THING?

Sitting on my couch waiting for my bread dough to rise and just letting the beautiful sun shine through my living room, I remember how for the past several days I haven't even bothered on social media. And you know what? YES I am still alive and I have been perfectly fine and content without checking Instagram and etc. 



Now many of us make our living on the web and our followers are essential and we need to constantly keep up with followers and social media and our presence. Yet some days you just don't feel like it and some days your mind is so on other things dealing with people, pinning, posting, tweeting can seem like a dreaded chore.  

Sometimes you need to step away, you need to "unplug" from the web and go take a drive, go for ice cream, just sip on a glass of wine and sit in the sun or watch the sunset, interact with your spouse or children,bake fresh bread!  The point is there are so many things you can do beside looking down on a screen.  

At the end of the day Facebook is just Facebook, Twitter is just Twitter and Instagram is just Instagram. They cant make precious wonderful moments like playing with your little one, like going on a drive with your love or getting hands all dirty in dirt or flour when baking. They can't replace friendships, marriages and children. 

I'm not saying it all bad, social media has so many good things thats not what I am bashing here, I'm not actually bashing anything. I'm just saying...... Don't you ever get tired of looking at other peoples status and getting jealous or annoyed or comparing your life to others? Sigh.... I digress  


I'm just saying enjoy life......bake some bread... Its freaking amazing and delicious and you would be so proud of yourself . 😂 seriously...  Enjoy Life!  

Lovatics by Demi & New York Color

A girl who loves beauty and makeup will always remember  her first makeup brand that she bought and her experiences.  New York Color was that brand for me. I remember in my high school years how I would use the foundation and mascara and lip gloss and experiment with applying makeup and I loved the brand because it was very affordable for my budget .

So when  I was contacted about the new line in collaboration with singer / actress Demi Lovato I was excited to try. 

I was sent the Natural eye shadow palette and the mascara.Each item retails for about $4.99 and can be bought wherever NYC makeup is sold .

The Natural palette is the perfect palette to wear everyday and That is about the truth for me.  I love intermixing the colors and playing with nice everyday looks for work. The colors have good pigmentation and blend easily as well as last all day with no problem. 

The mascara is a clear fave with me, it has a huge brush and the formula is nice.  Its nit runny and doesn't clump, I dont even notice any flakes.  I love how it really opens my eyes and completes my eye look. 

These are 2 great everyday products for the price of about $10 bucks and they actually work How about that!


Have you beauties seen this line and gotten any goodies?  

Is the Kardashian "style braids" actually something new?

You know I get that the Kardashians are big aand mainstream and so many females want to be them and many guys want to be with them. Evryone also has thier opinion on the Kardashians and you know it is what it is. 

Now what I am about to say really has nothing to do with them, I feel like they liked a style and when they wore it, the media took it and ran. 

I am talking about the "Boxer braids" , this braiding style has taken off with the media sinc ethe Kardashians wore it.  Yet this post below kind of pissed me off. 

Im sorry .... when did braids JUST NOW become a hot style?  Oh since the Kardashian clan came about? This is the issue when it comes to the black community, things that have been used or done by blacks for YEARS for CENTURIES  never get much attention, yet when someone outside of the community like the Kardashian for example all of sudden its "new" and "in style" . WHY IS THAT?

Why is it okay for media and etc to take things from a culture and decide its cool and hot?  Why do we allow this?  Yes race does play a lot in this conversation, sadly but how does it not? I must admit it gets really annoying when I see things like this.  Talk about culture appropriation. 

Why are things from minority cultures picked and put into pretty little packages  to look new ?

I digress, yet i just ask that many simply look into and learn different cultures , media is all about manipulation and we must remember that. 

I loved this article by Danielle Clark on Hello Beautiful , I feel her article really sums up what is happening and what the whole issue is. 

What are your thoughts?

Free Goodies for bloggers & everyone with PINCH ME

So before I start off with this post, let me say that this is NOT a sponsored post.  I simply came across this website on my own and since I have personally used it I think its pretty cool. 

If you didn't know there are many little websites that will give you free stuff to try out, and yes there are many that are FREE.  I came across PINCH ME  randomly while web searching one day and thought " hey its free , why not" -  so check out the details below on what  PINCH ME is ! 

What is PINCH ME?

A simple website where you can sample goodies of all sorts and then at the end simply do a short survey, there is no required blogging, social media posts etc , of course if you are a blogger, you will want to do those anyway ;)

How does PINCH ME work?

A website where you can fill out a survey in the beginning , this is to see what your household interests are, its easy and painless - I promise. ;)

Once you fill out the survey you can see what samples are avaliable, they usually launch samples on Tuesday and they send you emails on what is avliable and up for grabs. You then click the link in the email and pick what you would like, you add to your cart and check out! 


When the box of goodies come in, you simply USE IT,

At the end of a certain time you will get a link to fill out a simple survey and then you are done! EASY PEASY LEMON SQUEEZY...

Its easy and simple. What I love about PINCH ME is that its easy and low stress to use.  There is no requirements to do posting or such which I love because is offers freedom.  I think its great for bloggers who want to try out product yet dont want to spend the money, it also introduces you to new product.  So if you are interested go ahead and click here and  get started !


** All screen shots are property of PINCH ME